Thursday, 17 September 2015

Autumn Breeze

It's been a while since i've bothered to post anything here. During the past few months I was caught up in a lot of things and it's just the age old excuse of life getting in the way. Summer was both great and not so great, so i'm looking forward to the new season and all that it may bring. 

Like almost everyone else, Autumn is my favourite. It's definitely the season that brings out the most in Ireland - the colours, the weather and the general atmosphere take on a level of vibrancy that just isn't there any other time of the year. I like the feeling of crisp wind and the smell of turf - albeit a rare scent in the city these days!

Autumn will always be the season of new beginnings to me, I guess that's what prolonged exposure to formal education gets you. Hopefully i'll share some more of the things that interest me or make me happy in the coming months and maybe even hear from a few of you.

I've also resurrected myself on instagram and twitter - pop over and say hello!


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