Sunday, 5 April 2015

Studio Souk

For as long as I can remember, i've always wished Belfast had less chain stores and more interesting shops. I get the appeal and convenience of chain stores, but personally I find that when you're looking for a gift or a treat that it's hard to find that in somewhere that has generic stock. 

Studio Souk ticks the boxes for me. They were previously homed in the Spires Mall and Conference Centre which has a few other cute independent shops. However, they've now moved to a more central location on Castle Lane just a few steps from Lush... 

The space is designed as a dual purpose studio and retail space, meaning that many of the people who create the items for sale in the shop will be in the space working on their latest creations as you browse! This is really great if you need suggestions or have any specific questions about a particular item as well as being amazing to see just what goes in to creating the things you buy.

There's also a café in store if you're looking for a quick bite whilst shopping, though I didn't get a chance to try anything!

As you can see from my snaps above, I drifted towards the candle section - particularly The Bearded Candle Makers - but there is a great variety of clothing, jewellery, food, drinks and crafts available in their own little sections instore.

Studio Souk has definitely become a favourite of mine if i'm looking for a hand-crafted or local gift, so you should go in for a wander if you're in the area - you never know what you might find!

Find Studio Souk online on Facebook, Twitter or here on their website



  1. I meaning to pop in there for a nosey! Looks fab - I love alternative shops too. :)

    Sarah | Nosebag NI

  2. Its gorgeous isnt it! Im going to have to try the little coffee shop soon.
    Laura |


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