Sunday, 12 April 2015

Collection: Nude Palettes

Every so often, i'll go through a phase of wandering aimlessly through Boots to see what catches my eye. I find it difficult to navigate the Boots closest to me on busy days, so generally i'll go every few months (on a weekday) and make a good sized purchase. On this particular occasion, these palettes from Collection stood out - the packaging is really handy and simplistic and it's helpful to be able to see the true colour of the product without opening the whole thing up. 

Two of these are the Eyes Uncovered Palettes in 'Nude' and 'Nude Bronze'; there is a third palette available also in Nude Grey but I couldn't find it in my local Boots. The third pictured above is an "All About the Eyes" palette. 

Although I was impressed by these at first glance, I didn't want to write about them without actually having used them for a while but i'm pleased to report that they are excellent. They swatch amazingly and last the whole day although i would definitely recommend a primer if you have oily eyelids like mine. The colours in each palette are a really well-chosen range perfect for day-to-night looks, especially when you don't have time to remove and re-apply your makeup from the day to the evening.

There are a few reviews online comparing these to the Urban Decay Naked Palettes and whilst they are good, they don't rival the quality of the Naked range. These are a really great buy if you aren't wanting to spend huge amounts on eyeshadow, but need a small and versatile selection of shades for everyday wear.

You can find all three of these palettes at Collection at Boots priced at £3.99


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