Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Snapshots || Berlin

Brrrlin. No seriously; you wouldn't be long getting frostbit. It's such a lovely city though, and you can just walk and walk for hours without getting bored - there's so much to look at!


  1. Oh my haha everyone uses this reference now (I live where frostbit boy does) :')

    Berlin looks amazing! always wanted to visit :) x


    1. Not sure it's ever gonna get old! You should go if you get the chance, especially as the flights are so cheap from Dublin at the mo!

      Beautiful blog, definite follow :) x

  2. LOVE these photos, Berlin is seriously such a great city - I visited in October and am itching to get back. Did you get to experience much of the nightlife?

    Charlotte x
    Charlotte's Web

    1. Yeah, I loved it & think I will also have to make a return trip as there was so much to see that I feel like I could go back 5 more times without repeating anything!

      We didn't really go to any clubs when we were these this time, but i've been before and enjoyed these four: House of Weekend , Stattbad , Cookies and Berghain. I will say though that people definitely dress down a lot more for clubs (at least compared to Ireland/the UK) and that Berghain can be hard to get in to if you don't speak any German in my experience! Definitely worth the trip though :) There's pretty much 5 bars and a club on every street so you're definitely spoilt for choice!


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