Saturday, 21 February 2015

NI Science Festival

If you're anything like us then winter will have you in a bit of a slump! Since the sun has started showing it's face again (barely), we're all becoming more social in preparation for attempting to exit hibernation mode. Enter the NI Science Festival - taking place from the 19th Feb to 1st March, it provides a great opportunity to get involved in debates and talks about the very foundations of this world and everything in it, as well as geeky new ways to socialise/have drinks. Definitely check out the programme if there are any children in your life as the programme provides a lot of opportunities for them to get involved! 

Here's our picks [linked] for the festival, but be sure to check out the programme here and make your own!

February 20th:

February 21st/22nd:

February 23rd:

February 27th:

February 28th:

March 1st:

Hopefully you'll get involved/enjoy the festival if you have an interest in science!


  1. Ive just been eyeing up the Gastro Science thing - cant go unfortunately, but thatd be right up my street! Maybe we will make a trip to the Ulster Museum anyhows :)

    1. Sigh! Somehow I managed to leave that one out despite it being one of the ones I had already bought tickets for haha! You should definitely take a wee trip up, every event i've been to so far has been great! x

  2. Wow! This festival sounds amazing. Especially A Brief History Of Time.


    1. It's a cool new entry to this place! I'm looking forward to seeing that also :)


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