Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sunday Brunch || The Poacher's Pocket



Having spent most of the Sundays of my life lounging around and enjoying taking things slow, I think we should all start designating Sunday as the official lazy oaf day. (Sorry to those of you who don't have the luxury of being off!)

This past Sunday we decided to visit The Poacher's Pocket in Lisbane, which is just outside Comber so we thought we'd share a few pictures.

I would have to say, we were both impressed overall, having arrived almost at the end of Breakfast service we were offered the choice of the Breakfast or Lunch menus. As you can see, we opted for the breakfast which was delicious. The main draw for me is that everything was really fresh, flavourful and not at all greasy, including the 'fry' - which I suspect is primarily grilled. The menu was pretty unassuming, but had the taste to back up it's simplicity. 

Great spot for breakfast, and the surroundings make you feel like you're at home. I can see plenty of return trips here, especially since the drive from Belfast is a nice one to take on a crisp Sunday morning.

Shout out to Laura over at DaydreamingFoodie for this gem, you can see her post on it here!



  1. Glad you enjoyed :) Im just about due a return trip I think.... Lx

    1. Have you ever been for dinner? Think i'll have to make a return trip in the evening and sample some of the dinner!


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