Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Lazy Guide to Eyebrows

When it comes to make-up, most days i'm completely lazy. I don't wear make-up a lot of the time, especially if i'm not going outside. If I have to get ready last minute, or I can't be bothered putting a huge amount of effort into my appearance/putting on a huge amount of makeup then I will always go with eyebrows, eyelashes and lips because I feel like those make the most difference in making you look more awake!

With mascara and lip products, I pretty much change those up on a daily basis because I have way too many workable options. Brows, however, are a different matter. I have naturally dark blonde hair, and eyebrows to match which usually means that it's near impossible to find matching colours.

Here stepped in my first love, the HD Eye &Brows palette in 'Foxy'. This is actually a second palette after completely using the one I received a long time ago in a Glossybox. Prior to this I really didn't bother much with my eyebrows, as I found it too frustrating to try and find a colour which didn't make me look like I had slugs crawling above my eyes. I feel like out of a number of brow powder/eyeshadows i've used to fill in my brows, this one has the best staying powder (especially when topped with the wax in the new palette) and also provides the essential colour match. I just apply by using a small stiff angled brush.

Recently I discovered the Benefit 'Gimme Brows' which is perfect for the get up and run attempt and, as such, has fast become my new favourite. It's basically a tinted eyebrow gel which both fills in sparse areas of your brows as well as setting them in place for the day. It can also be used in combination with a brow powder for a more formal/put together look if you're going out.

Essentially these are the perfect products for covering all bases, especially if you have eyebrows which are difficult to colour match like mine! If you have any other suggestions for lazy eyebrow maintenance - please shoot them my way!


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