Monday, 29 December 2014

The Washington Bar

A while back we were shopping in town and had hit the point of fatigue. Having been to the usual suspects ten times over, we decided to go into the Washington for a bit of food as we were meeting a friend who works close by. As you can see from the photos above, the menu was a good offering for a pub but I was especially pleased to find a few vegetarian options!

My main annoyance with pub food is usually that it tends to be lukewarm when you get it, which for me, destroys the entire experience. However, I must say that the food was piping hot when we received it and also came very quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed my pasta dish, especially as it was a very cold day and it was very homely and filling. We went for desserts also which were great, and huge portions.

By far the best part about the experience is the relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes it's nice to be somewhere a bit more relaxed than a restaurant, especially if you want to linger and have a few drinks afterwards. The price point was incredibly reasonable also, so i'd recommend to anyone looking for a hearty lunch or dinner in the City Centre that won't break the bank!

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