Monday, 10 November 2014

Mask of Magnaminty || Lush Cosmetics

We have really, really been loving Lush lately. When it starts to get really cold outside and you're coming in most days drenched to the bone, there's nothing better than a nice warm bath. For this, I always turn to Lush. Other than the aforementioned constant state of soaked, the most noticeable change for me is the reaction my skin has to the weather. Somehow, come season change, I always end up with serious breakouts and need to re-haul any skincare I've been using.

On the mission a few weeks ago, I decided to try Lush Cosmetics' 'Mask of Magnaminty' which is a self-preserving face mask (none of that must-refridgerate-use-within-2-weeks malarky) with elements of peppermint oil, honey and vanilla. The mask has a grainy texture as it also contains ground aduki beans (yes, I had to ask what these were) and evening primrose seeds which gently exfoliate the skin and slough off the annoying dead and dry skin that seems to appear on a minute-by-minute basis during the autumn/winter.

Although I am a major fan of exfoliation, the big selling point for me was that it's a deep cleanser, which is something that really benefits my skin during breakouts. I bought it and went off on my merry way and am happy to say that it seems to have worked. Not only is my skin less red and breakouts relatively evened out, but it seems to have a brighter appearance after each use and feels like a baby's bum for pretty much a week afterwards. PLUS your face smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

If you're having skin problems at the minute, I feel you & I'd recommend getting some of this! It's £9.75 for this size, or you can grab one 1/3 of this size for around £5.50 (or ask for a cheeky tester to try first!). As always with Lush products, no animals were harmed in the making of the product.

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