Friday, 3 October 2014

Itty Bitty Book Co.

A while ago we came across the Itty Bitty Book Co. in St. George's Market and pretty much fell in love. Generally i'm one for buying (and hoarding) things which have more practical uses, but I feel like picking up things that serve no other purpose than just making you happy is as good a reason as any to buy something. We picked up a few badges that day, but i'm sure we'll be back for more as they also sell litlle affirmational books (as the name suggests!). The illustrations are all done within the company by the owners. I'm planning to attach these to things I use everyday in an attempt to internalise the simple, optimistic messages of the things we picked out - words we should all try to live by.

You can find Itty Bitty Book Co. at St. George's Market on a Sunday or online here:


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