Thursday, 17 July 2014

Queens Film Theatre

One of our favourite things to do is to see film in the cinema, there's something about gathering together in silence with a huge group of strangers and watching something new, or an old classic! It's social behaviour for the days when you're feeling a bit more like being a hermit crab.

In saying that, our favourite place to take in a film in Belfast is by far the Queens Film Theatre. Home to drama and film at Queens, it's run primarily by students and owned by the university. Long thought of as somewhere only older people and stuffy middle-class types went, I feel like the cinema has gone through a re-haul and although retaining it's obviously artistic difference from mainstream cinemas, it feels like more of a place people of all ages/backgrounds can enjoy. They show a great selection of international new releases but my favourites are always showings of classic films - everything from Apocalypse Now to Casablanca. 

The QFT is also home to the Brian Friel Theatre which is a great small little theatre showing local &  university productions. You can check out their upcoming events here!

In all though, the best thing about the QFT is that if you're looking for a specific film that isn't a 'blockbuster', this is about the only place you're going to find it! They have a great social media presence, and are definitely open to requests (provided they could feasibly hold a screening) from what I can see across their social media.

Next time you're looking for an easy evening out, get down to the QFT, get yourself and beer and settle into the world's comfiest seats.

Catch them on:  Facebook || Twitter

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