Sunday, 20 July 2014

On Travel

I've been in a bit of a funk over the last few days, we're leaving for a week to go on an amazing trip that I've wanted to go on for a while now but I was letting a lot of things get me down, especially thinking about what I'd be missing when I was gone (and missing Ruadh). Honestly, I'm not sure what to write here other than  I came to the eventual realisation that what I was doing was both harmful, and extremely ungrateful. Obvious, right?

Travelling is a true privilege, bestowed on (or taken by) very few. It is expensive, it's exploratory and it relies on the forced hospitality of a nation. This got me thinking about all the other privileges I have in life. I think these are important things to consider on a regular basis, because if we become too far detached from our own position in the ~grand scale~ of things - we forget to counteract the things which put us in a position more privileged than that of others. To me, yes, it's important to have goals, but it's even more important to make sure those goals don't come to the detriment of someone else.

I guess what I'm saying is that this week is something some people will never have (like much of my life), and although I shouldn't constantly feel bad about that, I should create something productive and positive out of that for other people. It's important to allow these reminders to get through to us, to remember to fight for those less fortunate and to truly understand and appreciate what you have. Obviously my week's holiday isn't going to directly benefit anyone else, but taking the energy derived from the trip and channeling it into something productive on my return is going to be my primary goal.

I'll be spending the week both appreciating what I have, and thinking about how I can spread the wealth. See you in a week!

Edit  21/07/14: Given the ongoing crisis in Gaza, please consider donating to the #GazaAppeal and spread awareness through your social media accounts!


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