Tuesday, 15 April 2014

St. George's Market

Lily Pink Bakery

We thought that since we'd featured so many products from St. George's Market on the blog that we should take you along with us this week! We usually try to go to the market on a Sunday as it's a mixture of the Friday and Saturday markets with people selling food, art, crafts and vintage items amongst other things. We've included pictures from some of our favourite stalls - we hope you'll pay them a visit soon!

This week we ended up bringing home baked goods (garlic and rosemary foccacia & a seaweed sourdough loaf) from Piece of Cake bakery, cupcakes from Lily Pink Bakery (which is run by the lovely Claire from French For Cupcake), vegetables from Cabbage Patch and some records from Top Sounds record stall! We also picked up this drawing of Queens University from Flaxfox as we love the illustration and we're both set to graduate this year from Queens and wanted something cute for the memories. We had a really enjoyable morning at the market because the people selling there are able to tell you so much about what you're buying and there are some really cool finds! I've personally taken quite a shine to Top Sounds - they have a lot of really great vinyls and the guy who runs the stall is lovely. If you're into vintage finds, there's a cool Bric-a-Brac stall next to it on a Sunday too. Grab the world's best hot chocolate (i'm not lying...it's like God's elixir) and walk around and see if anything catches your eye. 

 On a sunny day, the building itself is so beautiful and the ambiance is just so busy but relaxed. If you're looking for local products, friendly people and a good day out with friends or family then check out St. George's Market on Friday, Saturday or Sunday!



  1. I have been after that fleetwood record for AGES! T'will be mines!

  2. @megancaitlindallat Serious score, speak to the guy at Top Sounds, he's a legend and will probably be able to source another one for you! Everything we bought from him was mint, and he'll take it back if it's not :)


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