Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Snuggle Up with Samson & Goliath

This may look like a posed picture of our cat, Ruadh, but we promise he's just naturally a poser! We purchased this blanket, made to order, a few weeks ago and thought we should share it here. We're both major homebodies and love to snuggle up on the sofa or in bed and watch TV or read a book - as such there is no shortage of throws and blankets in the house. However, this one is the most special.

We ordered this from the lovely Gemma over at Samson & Goliath and can honestly say it's the best home purchase we've made thus far for the house. It's unbelievably good quality, so warm and looks amazing and we love the fact that it's from a local, independent producer. As the pictures show, it's a dark grey wool with a neon blue trim which makes it easy to suit almost any room! We're looking forward to spending cold Autumn and Winter days wrapped up in it. (That's not a request weather, we still want some sort of summer...) 

Gemma is a lovely girl and makes all the orders herself to order - you can contact her via this facebook page or by the phone number listed on the page. If you're looking for anything knitted - give her a shout! 

As you can see, it even has a discerning cat's approval!


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