Wednesday, 23 April 2014

On Happiness.

Over Easter weekend, I had the chance to go home and catch up with family. What I love most about holidays is seeing the younger members of my family get excited and swept up in the spirit of the day(s)! As such, I decided to make these really simple Easter nests with the two babbies of the family, as some of my best memories as a child are learning to cook with my mammy and granny.

To make 24 of these 'Easter Nests' you simply need to pour your preferred melted chocolate (750g) over thoroughly crumbled shredded wheat (around 10 'bricks' - just make sure all the shredded wheat is coated) and place into cupcake wrappers, you can then make a well in the center and add two or three mini eggs. These may not be the most complex or impressive things, but they're a great sweet treat and provided an adult melts the chocolate, they can be made and assembled entirely by the kids you're 'baking' with! 

These two really enjoyed being able to make something all by themselves, and were proud of the end product - so much so that they demanded we show them to the rest of the family and neighbours. They also look really cute around the Easter table as they look like little bird's nests.

I'm including this post as part of my #100healthydays as, above all else, I am a firm believer that having a happy head and heart is the most important road to happiness in life and little activities like these bring me the greatest pleasure. All in all, this is not so much a recipe post as a gentle reminder to myself and everyone else that the simplest things can bring happiness in life. Personally I feel like the best way to achieve happiness is to make others happy - it's contagious! 

Hopefully you are all having a good time at the moment, but during this often stressful time of year it's important to take time out, spend an afternoon or two with your loved ones and really bask in the little things that bring joy to your life!


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