Sunday, 20 April 2014

Molly's Yard

Despite the fact that we're both QUB students who are used to the hustle and bustle of Botanic Avenue, we've only recently discovered the hidden gem of the Queen's Quarter - and it's been staring us right in the face for the past four years! You can hardly miss the giant black gate as you trek from the McClay library down for that well-earned Boojum but have you bitten the bullet and walked on through it? I'd never bothered but, oh my God, do I regret it now.

We thought we'd have a treat night last week so we went to the Queen's Film Theatre to see Calvary (brilliant film by the way, definitely recommend), and decided we'd be fly and get some dinner first. Since Molly's Yard is a stone's throw from the QFT we figured, why not?

Oh, be still, my hungry heart.

First of all, Molly's is a beautiful building that's tucked tidily behind an old stable gate and, the second you walk into its small courtyard, the whole world disappears behind you. It's quiet and quaint, and so relaxing. More importantly though, the food. Jesus, Mary and Joseph - the food. We both agree that nothing else we've eaten can rival it. Literally drooling here just typing about it, people.

Like I said, this was a treat. The calibre of the food is reflected in the price but it's honestly worth a splurge. They also offer a full (and, seriously, delicious) vegetarian menu which can be kind of hard to come by. Oh, and did we mention the drinks? As well as selling locally brewed Hilden Beer and a really cool selection of whiskies, there's a great cocktail menu - we tried the Dark 'n' Stormy (rum, ginger beer and lime) and the Amaretto Sour and I'm still gagging for more.

Unfortunately, our timing was awful and we had to sprint off for the QFT before we could order dessert but we consider that reason enough to go back soon. Sorry but, a warm belgian chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and stout ice cream? Not a chance I'm missing out on that.



  1. I have always wondered what this place is like. The food looks gorgeous!

    Lauren |

  2. @Lauren Williamson It's definitely a hidden gem - can't believe we've walked past it so often and only now gotten around to going in!

    Lovely blog, by the way :)


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