Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Record Store Day, folks!

So, the sun's splitting stones in Belfast! I'm sure it'll not last the week (ever the optimist) but I hope everyone's soaking it up at the minute - we did the weekly shop earlier today and had to fight every fibre of our beings not to throw a disposable barbecue in the trolley and make for the beach! Instead, we broke out the vinyl because we realised this morning, it's Record Day!

Okay, okay, so the LP suffers from that pretentious-y hipster-y reputation in the minds of many these days but don't let it put you off! Apart from the fact that they sound great, there's a real nostalgia that we feel when we listen to them. Of course, we're children of the '90s - we grew up on cassettes and compact discs - but if you grew up in a musical home then you'll probably know what we mean. No, really, cast your mind back: a shabby, cheap sound system. Record player perched on top, pride of place. Bob Marley's 'Legend' blaring on those beautiful Sunday mornings... the Planxty, the Erasure, the ELO...

That nostalgia makes us want to keep buying records. We like the scratches and the ticks. We like having to walk back and forth to change sides - it makes us feel like we're actively engaging with our music rather than just sticking it on in the background. For me personally, I really, really like seeking out old favourites that my parents introduced me to as well. My father's favourite album when he was 16 was 'Go For It' by Stiff Little Fingers and I was chuffed when I found it at Top Sounds last week!

Neither of us are really collectors because we just don't have the money. Vinyl is nice but it can also be pretty expensive. We try to look positively at that though; it makes it that bit more exciting when we do get our hands on some. In fact, we've kind of splurged this week for the first time in ages - we picked up some great albums and singles at St. George's Market and also ordered a limited edition of the Kettle Rebellion record from Fistolo in the U.S. (this was hugely important to us both because it was originally a demo that was never realised - it was stolen from the band and uploaded online, so this vinyl pressing is the first and only official release).

Reinventing Axl Rose by Against Me! / Rumours by Fleetwood Mac / Speaking In Tongues by Talking Heads / Dream of Life by Patti Smith / Dylan & The Dead / The Velvet Underground / The Gift by The Jam / Out Of The Blue by Electric Light Orchestra / Fool's Gold by The Stone Roses / One Step Beyond by Madness / Go For It by Stiff Little Fingers / London Calling by The Clash / Life Won't Wait by Rancid / Frankenchrist by Dead Kennedys / Kettle Rebellion

Between us, we have a nice wee library going but these are some of our absolute favourites! 
 Let us know about the albums you love in the comments and feel free to fire us some suggested buys, we can add them to our wishlist!



  1. Great post! I just stumbled across your blog for the first time and it's great.

    Beth x

    1. Thanks Beth! Will give yours a look now :)


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